For both Royal Mail and eBay conveyance administrations, you can change the postage subtle elements previously you purchase and print the mark, so make certain to choose the correct administration for your thing including velocity, weight and bundle measure so it arrives securely with your purchaser with no extra charges.

At last, select Confirm and Pay to pay utilizing your PayPal account and to continue to name printing. You can print straightforwardly to a working printer from your PC or work area PC.

Printing your eBay postage name

You needn’t bother with any unique sort of printer to print postage names – on the off chance that it can print message that you can peruse, you’re ready.

When you’ve paid for your postage you’ll be incited to print your mark, which you can do from your workstation or work area PC direct to any printer. You can print or reproduce a name by going to:

My eBay > Selling > Sold things > [the thing you’re printing a mark for] > Reprint name

With eBay Delivery, you pay for the marks you utilize. So on the off chance that you commit an error with your mark, don’t stress. Simply return to Sold things, select the right postage that you requirement for your bundle, and republish your mark. Connect it to your package utilizing clear sticky tape, guaranteeing the location and scanner tags are clear so they can be filtered by the dispatch. When your mark is settled immovably and plainly to the front of your bundle, it’s a great opportunity to send it to its new proprietor.

Postage rates

We’ve arranged aggressive rates with a scope of transporters by means of eBay conveyance controlled by Shutl when you purchase and print postage in My eBay. You’ll profit by month to month invoicing, extraordinary rates and a huge number of advantageous drop-off areas all through the UK, and also extra administrations like mass mark printing, Enhanced Compensation, Proof of Delivery and Adult Signature Service for chosen transporters. See the full rundown of rates, administrations and drop-off areas here.

You can likewise exploit Royal Mail’s unique online rates when posting packages, offering you 5% off Post Office rates when you purchase on the web. Visit the Royal Mail site for full valuing data, including marked for administrations.

Send it out the door

Your subsequent stages rely upon the administration you are utilizing.



Purchase and print postage on eBay

When you’ve sold something, you can purchase your postage and print conveyance names in My eBay.

Purchasing postage on eBay is frequently less expensive than what you’d pay in the event that you purchased stamps or postage names specifically from the bearers. In addition you’ll spare time by printing your postage names at home and staying away from the lines. You can get to a scope of conveyance benefits on eBay, including Royal Mail and eBay conveyance fueled by Shutl, which offers you a scope of conveyance administrations offerd by national transporters straightforwardly through the eBay stage, and invoiced around the center of every month.

Also, when you purchase your postage with us, we’ll naturally transfer the following in My eBay (visibile to you and your purchaser), and let your purchaser realize that the thing is headed.

Purchasing postage on eBay

Printing your eBay postage name

Postage rates

Send it out the door

Postage names lapse and undoings

Utilize followed administrations for significant serenity

When you utilize followed administrations, you’ll have the capacity to check whether your thing has been conveyed or not, and also having the capacity to furnish your purchaser with verification of postage and ensuring you if there should arise an occurrence of thing not gotten cases. Following is incorporated on the off chance that you utilize eBay conveyance fueled by Shutl, in addition to you can exploit exceptionally focused rates which can be less expensive than a few transporters’ non-followed administrations.

Purchasing postage on eBay

eBay conveyance controlled by Shutl is a stage that enables UK venders to buy conveyance names at aggressive rates. Dealers would then be able to take their sold things to their closest drop-off area or have them gathered. eBay conveyance offers just completely followed administrations, ensuring you in case of a thing not got or thing harmed in travel guarantee. You’ll additionally profit by month to month internet invoicing.

Moreover, you can purchase and print Royal Mail marks by means of the eBay stage. You’ll have to choose the right size and weight for your bundle, and afterward drop your thing at your neighborhood Post Office for conveyance.

To print your postage mark, go to My eBay > Sold things, and select Print postage name beside the sold thing you need to send. This will take you to the eBay conveyance controlled by Shutl mark buy stream.

Ensure the points of interest on the screen are right. Specifically, you should check the purchaser’s name, conveyance address and the sum that they paid for postage (in light of the conveyance benefit you chose at posting stage). On the off chance that you offered free conveyance, select a reasonable postage rate for your thing.

For eBay conveyance controlled by Shutl administrations, just select the administration you need. For Royal Mail administrations, enter the heaviness of your thing, including any bundling, and select the important bundle measure.

For eBay conveyance fueled by Shutl administrations, basically select the administration you need starting from the drop list. Your postage choice should default to the determination you made at posting stage. With eBay conveyance, you can include extra administrations, for example, Enhanced Compensation, Proof of Delivery and Adult Signature Service for chosen bearers. You can likewise view and print names in mass organization to spare you time and cash.

For Royal Mail administrations, enter the heaviness of your thing, including any bundling, and select the significant bundle measure and wanted administration level to get the correct postage for your name. Once more, the mark offered should default to the one you chose at posting stage. On the off chance that you chosen Royal Mail second class allocate 1kg, this should appear as your default shipping alternative.